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Ministry: military medicine course to be mandatory for practising medical workers

The military medicine course, in accordance with NATO guidelines, should be mandatory for practising medical workers, as reported by the Ministry of Health.

Considering the geopolitical situation, specialists of the Ministry of Health met with education institutions to discuss experience in teaching military medicine, because this course was recently adopted in Riga Stradins University Hospital and Riga Medical College of the University of Latvia.

RSU, in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence and National Armed Forces, opened the Basics of Military Medicine study programme. Unlike everyday conditions, the specifics of the injuries acquired, the operating conditions, as well as the algorithms of action differ in crises. The course provides theoretical and practical basics of military medicine (MilMed), standards of care, principles of evacuation, introduce students to the tasks of “MilMed” in conditions of war, crisis and peace, and others. Students are introduced to the criteria of physical and mental expertise and health assessment of conscripted and already serving military personnel, as well as to the principles of outpatient treatment in “MilMed” institutions.

Several hundred students have already finished the course. Practical activities are done in a simulated environment. Improvement to the education course would mean that in the future practical activities could be moved to the field, the ministry reports.

Riga Medical College also started the course Basics of Military Medicine for medical assistants last year, as well as set up Military Medical Laboratories. The content of the program is created in cooperation with foreign partners, Ukrainian specialists, as well as the National Armed Forces. The practical part of the course is organized in cooperation with the army.

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