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37th Workshop of the European Helicobacter and Microbiota Study Group

Wiener Medizinische Akademie GmbH

12to to 14th September 2024
Fundação Eng. António de Almeida, Rua Tenente Valadim, 231/ 325, 4100-479 Porto, Portugal

Conference themes

The scientific program of the workshop will cover a wide range of topics, including the epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of Helicobacter and microbiota-associated diseases, the molecular mechanisms and host-microbe interactions underlying these conditions, and the impact of Helicobacter and microbiota on inflammation, immunity, and cancer. The workshop will feature keynote lectures, oral and poster presentations, and interactive sessions with experts in the field.

Enquiries and Registration

Catherine Tomek, E-Mail:

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