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Slot Machine Payback Statistics

Find out what slot machines actually returned to the public. Just click below to see slots statistics for casinos in all U.S. states.


How do odds work in slot machines? Unlike some other games, they’re fixed. However you play, the odds of winning do not go up or down, but always stay the same.

Payout odds vary based on the machine. Two slot machines may look identical, yet may have different odds. So you can’t tell by the appearance of the machine.

The odds of hitting the top award vary greatly by machine, and may be as low as one in 17,000,000 spins – comparable to winning Lotto 6/49.


Alabama is home to three Native American casinos that offer Class II video gaming machines. Though these gaming machines have spinning wheels and the appearance of slot machines, they are actually based on bingo and the spinning reels are for entertainment purposes only.

Alabama does not require Native American casinos to release payback statistics for any of their gaming machines.


Arizona only allows Indian casinos and the state does not require the Native American tribes to release the payback percentages on their slot machines.

The Arizona Department of Gaming does however,  require the machines on the tribe’s reservations to follow state-mandated minimum and maximum payback.

The minimum and maximum paybacks are as follows: slot machines: 80%-100%; video blackjack and video poker: 83% to 100%; and keno: 75% to 100%. All of the state's tribes can freely set the payback on their machines anywhere within the state-mandated limits.


Arkansas has two pari-mutuel facilities that operate casinos, plus one Indian casino.

Gaming regulations require that all Arkansas machines return a minimum of 83%. For the 12-month period from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021, the average gaming machine’s return at Saracen was 92.60%, at Southland it was 92.63%, and at Oaklawn it was 91.68%.


Delaware is home to three pari-mutuel facilities; they all feature games similar to slot machines. These machines are actually video lottery terminals (VLT’s), because they are operated by the Delaware Lottery. The VLT’s in Delaware play games such as video blackjack, video poker, and video keno.

Delaware state law requires that all video lottery games must have a return between 87% and 95% of all wagers on an annual basis. Games may have a return above 95%, but only with the approval of the Lottery’s Director.

According to figures from the Delaware Lottery for the twelve-month period from July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020 the average VLT return at Dover Downs was 91.85%, at Delaware Park it was 92.01%, and at Harrington Raceway it was 91.90%.

For more current information on slot machine payback percentages at Delaware casinos, we suggest you visit the website of the Delaware Lottery at: https://www.delottery.com/More/Video-Lottery


Florida is home to three different forms of casino gambling: Native American casinos, casino boats, and gaming machines at pari-mutuels facilities in two counties in South Florida.

Florida casino boats offer gamblers the opportunity to board ships that cruise offshore where casino gambling is legal. Casino boats travel to international waters where gambling is legal. The boats from the east coast sail three miles out into the Atlantic Ocean and the boats from the west coast travel nine miles out into the Gulf of Mexico. When the casino boats reach international waters they no longer need to adhere to state regulations, and the casino boats may set the payback without any regard to a minimum payback percentage.