Goose liver paste: recipe

The goose liver paste can be found in the menu of any French restaurant called Foie Gra. Of course, if you follow all the rules for preparing this national dish of France, then it is quite difficult to cook it, since it is necessary to grow and feed the goose yourself. But we will not fall to the extremes, and therefore we use the recipe for a paste from a goose liver, which everyone can cook. Indeed, in fact, there are no difficulties in preparing this dish. It will perfectly harmonize with fried baguette, fresh vegetables and white wine. What will you need? We will need the following products:- 500 g of goose liver,- 250 ml of milk,- 150 ml of white wine,- 2 heads of onion,- 50 g of butter - 6 pcs. Champignonov,- Kurkuma,- Ginger,- Salt,- Black,- White ground pepper. Preparations, rinse the goose liver, peel it, cut into pieces of small size and soak in milk. Put the soaked liver in the refrigerator for six hours. After this time, take the liver from milk and put it on pre -spread napkins so that they absorb milk. We heat the pan with vegetable oil and fry the liver on both sides. An important point is the need to fry over medium heat and small portions so that the liver is uniformly fried. Then we clean the onion, finely chop it and fry it in vegetable oil to a transparent appearance. Add wine and let him evaporate. It takes this process for about 5 minutes. Give the liver and coat to cool, then move them with a blender. If there is no blender, use a meat grinder by passing these products through it several times. Add butter, spices and salt to the resulting mixture, then mix well. Rinse and cut into thin plates in the form of a flat mushroom, fry in vegetable oil. Close the form for the pate of the paste with a baking film and beautifully lay out the mushrooms. Put the almost ready -made paste of goose liver on top to the edge and align the surface. Cover with a film and put to harden in the refrigerator. After two hours, pull the dish and transfer up the bottom onto the plate, pull the paste from the mold so that the mushrooms are on top. Decorate it with herbs. It should be served with fresh herbs, tomatoes and fried bread. This recipe for a goose liver will delight your whole family and is good even for the festive table. Enjoy your meal! На реализацию бесплатной ставки у пользователя будет 4 календарных дня. Допустимый коэффициент от 1,3 до 2,0. мостбет Однако в целом использовать такое приложение намного удобнее.