El Matador passage tips - main tasks # 034

Turn right right to the right and start running. First of all, you will have to deal with enemies. Please note that these opponents are certainly more durable. Therefore, you must shoot at the heads. Move forward progressively. You cannot stay here for too long, because sooner or later you will find yourself in the crossing of one of the enemies (the entire area of ​​glazing). In the end, you will need to get to a small door.

You must meet the boss. Tactics have not changed significantly. Use the most powerful rifle to make many throws. Aim to the head of the boss. You must finish the duel as soon as possible, because other opponents can also attack you. The victory over the boss will be equivalent to the completion of the entire fifth chapter of the game.

Start, of course, by viewing two different cut scenes. Traditionally, the second video will be more interesting, since it will present preparations for a mass attack. Wait for the restoration of complete control over the main character. It is worth adding here that once again you can count on the support of the allied troops.

Continue. You should not face new opponents at the moment. Try to wait for your teammates because they can help you in subsequent battles. Go to the left and enter the small door. You will approach a great warehouse. Here you will meet the first enemies. I would advise you to destroy several explosive barrels now so that they do not interfere with crossing the warehouse later.

Use that numerous explosions are taking place in this area, and try to go down quickly. I would advise you to sit next to the chests. There are the first enemies in the warehouse to start destroying. It is best to use weapons with an eye.

Try to gradually move forward, destroying the enemies encountered and using chest chests. Do not forget to raise new guns and ammunition. In the end, you will need to get to the left pass. Until you go there because enemies are watching this place. Instead, I would advise you to use a grenade. Only now you can go there.

Of course, you will have to use a staircase here, thanks to which you will reach a higher level. I would advise you to stand at the door without putting your position too much. This is very important because the region is full of enemy units. In the beginning, I would advise you to destroy another barrel, thanks to which you should get rid of some enemies. Milujete online free spin casino no deposit sk bonusy alebo ako sa hovorí casino free spins hracie automaty v režime no deposit SK 2022? Máme pre vás skvelú správu, online casino FREE SPINS https://www.online-casinosk.com/free-spins/ ponúka hneď niekoľko online casino spoločností a to hneď v niekoľkých formách a hodnotách. Poďme si o free spin bonusoch povedať niečo viac.