5 rules that keep the harmony of two loving people

Making mistakes in a relationship is not unnatural. On the contrary, they help to gain experience and exclude their further appearance. A lot of work on them will give positive results in the form of a strong union. It will be harmonious, strong, capable of resisting intrigues and everyday problems.
There are several rules for a happy life that give the couples the preservation of love.
The humble acceptance of the past
Many believe that the past is easy to let go in order to start life from scratch. But this is impossible in practice. Nobody is given to forget the past events, because they fully influenced the formation of a person’s personality.
Healthy bonds are based on the adoption of the departed events of both their own and a partner. They respect them, remember and thank for help. This adds special depth to the union, strengthening two at the emotional level.
The compromise does not have to be 50/50/
Sometimes his balance is 70/30 and there is nothing wrong with that. Respective individuals understand that a loved one needs time to make decisions and restructuring principles, habits. Do not arrange scandals about this. It is not scary if the unequal compromise is delayed and becomes an integral part of everyday life. Partnership implies understanding, concessions and healthy sacrifice for the sake of a joint future.
The union is built not only on honesty
It will be difficult for a girl who is accustomed to providing herself to be on their own, to tell her chosen one where every ruble earned by her goes. The same applies to her time, because before the appearance of the connection, she was the mistress herself and sometimes does not know how to go somewhere not alone. It is more familiar to talk about a waste of finances and his plans, in which, of course, she is present. It is more supple to change.
A lady can roughly answer another question about where to go. But you need to understand that in the Union of two, independence does not work anymore. We need to rebuild yourself with the "I" to the "we".
Silence kills love
Silent because of resentment is very stupid. This can cause irreparable damage. Effective communication is the right way to healthy love. The problem will not be solved if you just fold your hands and shut up for an indefinite period. Of course, the actions of the partner are sometimes removed from balance, but they need to be disassembled, not to be silent.
The man is not all -seeing. He needs to talk about his feelings. This is the only way the bonds will be durable and healthy.
The importance of personal space
The relationship of the couple does not begin life again. They complement the existing one. Surely, everyone will be able to find a friend who devoted himself to the chosen one. She stopped communication with friends, forgot about a hobby and beloved people. Such a partnership over time begins to strangle a woman, and she does not withstand. And the chosen one does not know how to get rid of obsessive care and attention.
In the right union, everything should be reduced to love and mutual respect. Such couples also face problems, but solve them as correctly as possible. As you asked, we have prepared a list of the best online casinos for newbies and have already posted on our website.