Buying a Facebook account - what does it mean

Facebook pages and accounts are an important part of the ecosystem, benefiting both the community and advertisers.  Internet users have been selling on Facebook for a long time, whether it be in thematic groups or their own profile.  Many people try to use the sales potential of this portal.  The social network went to meet its users by creating a special subpage - Marketplace, a place where everyone can sell various products.  You can buy a Facebook account for your own purposes on trusted sites.


 For whom buying an account is a profitable and useful solution


 Today you can buy verified Facebook accounts for various purposes:

  • business promotion;
  • as a personal page if you already have a profile (a user can only have 1 account);
  • earning income through advertising;
  • show your popularity to your friends.

 By purchasing a promoted page, you become the owner of a finished product that can generate instant income.  It is worth noting that new participants in the Internet business often decide to promote their account on their own.


 Types of Facebook Accounts


 There are basically two main types of accounts:

  • regular accounts;
  • verified accounts with a phone number.

 Regular accounts are valid accounts created with a unique IP address and created in high quality.  The owner must provide a completed profile along with a photo.  These permanent account holders receive a confidential password and login information.

 You can get an instant return only by buying outdated Facebook accounts.  As with other sales portals, when someone posts an ad, the user can find it, save it, share it, and of course reply to it in a message.