Lifting weights and falling during pregnancy

In addition to ordinary injuries, falling on the stomach during pregnancy carries the danger of injuring the baby, as well as the possibility of miscarriage. For this reason, it is important to take precautions, protect yourself from falling and abandoning weights - from everything that can contribute to abdominal injury.

What precautions should be taken? Here are general rules.

In the first trimester, the uterus is protected by the pelvis and abdominal muscles. After the stomach of a pregnant woman becomes noticeable, even the weakest blow can cause bleeding of the placenta - a potentially dangerous condition for the life of both the mother and the child.

You can not lift any severity, with the exception that seem very light to both of you. What does "very light" mean? For different women, this weight can be different. Ideally, raising something should not be connected with effort. Why? A movement that requires effort can lead to loss of balance and fall.

So, for example, in the first trimester, dizziness makes a pregnant woman feel uncertainly, and a heavy bag of foods that a woman carries in front of her, increases the danger that she will stumble and fall. Conversely, a light basket in one hand does not have such an effect.

What about the crush in public transport? Typically, blows and shocks in buses are no stronger than the pressure of a woman’s own hand, probing the child’s movement. However, while traveling in public transport, a pregnant woman should sit, and not stand.

Ask your husband to help look after the rest of the children. It is as dangerous to raise a small child as a heavy bag: it is likely to stumble and fall, especially in winter.

In addition, there is a risk that a child, when falling, will accidentally hit his mother in the stomach. For this reason, even in cases where you can without effort to raise the older baby, it is better to keep him from yourself. If the baby can already stand, ask him to climb a chair so that it is not necessary to lean.

Think in advance about where you can stumble. Very often, future mothers fall on the way from the room to the toilet. Before going to bed, be sure to check this route and remove all extraneous objects from it. The main thing here is to foresee and prevent. During sleep, you can use special pillows for pregnant women to protect against a coup on the stomach. The danger is ice on the roads, so it is advisable to have an accompanying you to the clinic.

After the first trimester, inform the doctor about any fall or hit in the abdomen. This will allow the doctor to ask clarifying questions and draw a conclusion about the need for further examination. spinbounty