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Fix the Gender Pay ‘Chasm’ in Medicine

This July, newly graduated doctors across the country will start their residency training while others will be finishing and beginning their careers. At the same time, headlines continue to warn of the burnout endured by medical professionals as the COVID-19 pandemic drags into its third year.

Staying safe in the heat: health advice for times of extreme temperature and wildfires

The recent extremely hot weather across the WHO European Region has affected the health of many residents. This has been compounded by an unprecedented number of wildfires that have destroyed homes, endangered lives and displaced thousands. We spoke to James Creswick, Technical Officer for communications at the WHO European Centre for Environment and Health, to find out how you can protect yourself in the heat and reduce the risk of harm from wildfires.

CDC Investigation Notice: Small turtles purchased online linked to Salmonella outbreak affecting children

Many people in this outbreak reported purchasing turtles with shells less than 4 inches long from online stores before getting sick. Three people in this outbreak purchased their turtles from a website called The same strain of Salmonella making people sick in this outbreak was also found on turtles purchased from  

Through My Eyes: My friend, Migraine

In our Through My Eyes series, we provide a platform for people to share how a particular medical condition has affected their life. By shining a spotlight on the physical and emotional, this series aims to raise awareness while providing practical advice and support to any readers who may be experiencing something similar.

Prenatal opioid exposure may cause long-term neurological or behavioral effects later in a child's life

While infants exposed to opioids during their mother's pregnancy have been linked to adverse health outcomes, a new study at the University of Missouri has found prenatal opioid exposure could trigger long-term neurological or behavioral effects later in a child's life.

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